Management and Board of Directors


Dr. Glenn Larsen
Co-founder, President
and CEO of Aquinnah

Dr. Larsen brings a unique skill set to his role as CEO—he is both a highly experienced scientist and a skillful businessman with a Ph.D. in biochemistry and a PMD from Harvard.

He has been a drug hunter all his life and has a deep understanding of how to create successful drugs.   Dr. Larsen's track record speaks for itself:  he has led teams to advance 15 new drug candidates to clinical development and 5 drugs to commercialization with sales over $10B.

During a notable career at major pharmaceutical companies, Dr. Larsen was involved in all facets of drug research and development, including leading drug discovery teams, and advancing drug development programs through the preclinical, clinical, regulatory and commercialization stages.



Bob Carpenter

Mr. Carpenter is a pioneer in the biotechnology and healthcare industries.  He founded and was CEO of a number of successful biotech companies he took public, including Integrated Genetics and GelTex Pharmaceuticals, both of which were acquired by Genzyme.  Mr. Carpenter served on the Board of Genzyme from 1994 to 2011, most recently as Lead Director.

He also founded Boston Medical Investors in 1994 and currently serves as a Director of Good Start Genetics, Olaris Therapeutics, Immuneering Inc, Hydra Biosciences, and Lysosomal Therapeutics, Inc.

Mr. Carpenter is a graduate of West Point, Stanford University and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.  


Dr. Ben Wolozin
Co-Founder and the Chief Scientific Officer
Professor of Pharmacology and Neurology, Boston University School of Medicine

Dr. Wolozin holds an MD and Ph.D. degree and has extensive research experience in this field. He is a distinguished scientist who identified one of the first molecular markers for the tangle pathology that accumulates in neurons in Alzheimer’s disease. He was also the first to identify the link between the use of statins (a cholesterol lowering drug) and reduced rates of Alzheimer’s disease. More recently, he discovered the role of persistent stress granules in ALS and Alzheimer’s disease.

He has won multiple awards for his research, including the prestigious Zenith Fellows Award and the A. E. Bennett award from the Society for Neuroscience. 

Duane Burnett, Ph.D.
Vice President
Medicinal Chemistry


American Chemical Society Hero of Chemistry Award (2004), Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award (2002).  In addition, he has 60 published papers and 108 granted or published patents and applications.  He is best known as the inventor of the cholesterol absorption inhibitor, ezetimibe, used in two highly successful, multi-billion dollar drugs.

Dr. Burnett is a medicinal chemistry leader with nearly 30 years of experience at leading pharmaceutical companies including Schering Plough, Merck and Forum. He is an award-winning scientist with an impressive list of awards: National Inventor of the Year (2005), Prix Galien USA – Best Medical Agent Finalist (2011),